Corporate Finance

Lectures are based on the textbooks:
  1. Bodie, Zvi, Robert C. Merton, and David L. Cleeton. 2009. Financial Economics. 2nd Edition.

  2. Welch, Ivo. 2011. Corporate Finance. 2nd Edition.


Lecture 1: Overview of Corporations
Lecture 2: Financial Markets and Institutions
Lecture 3: Financial Statements and Long-term Financial Planning
Lecture 4: Time Value of Money
Lecture 5: Valuation of Bonds
Lecture 6: Valuation of Stocks
Essay Examination I
Lecture 7: Currency and Commodity Derivatives
Lecture 8: Market Evaluation of Derivatives
Lecture 9: Uncertainty, Default, and Risk
Lecture 10: Capital Investment Decisions
Lecture 11: Investment Portfolios
Lecture 12: Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Essay Examination II
Comprehensive Muliple Choice Examination