Political Economy

Syllabus           Presentations
Lecture 1: Ideas of Marx and Lenin
Lecture 2: Economics Systems and the Role of Government
Lecture 3: Government Regulations and Parkinson’s Law
Lecture 4: Demand, Supply, and the Market Process
Lecture 5: Government Price Controls and Black Markets
Lecture 6: Government Tariffs, Quotas, and Other Trade Restriction
Midterm Examination I
Lecture 7: Production Cost Functions
Lecture 8: Competitive Markets
Lecture 9: Regulating Monopolies
Lecture 10: Public Enterprises
Lecture 11: Deregulation
Lecture 12: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Lecture 13: Fiscal Policy
Lecture 14: Monetary Policy
Lecture 15: Regulation of Natural Resources
Lecture 16: Environmental Regulations
Midterm Examination II
Final Examination ( Essay or Multiple Choice)