Tourism Economics

Lectures are based on the textbooks:

  1. Bahar, Omar and Metin Kozak. 2008. Tourism Economics: Concepts and Practices. 1st Edition.

  2. Page, Stephen J. and Joanne Connell. 2009. Tourism: A Modern Synthesis. 3rd Edition.

  3. Sbarpley, Richard and David J. Telfer. 2002. Tourism and Development: Concepts and Issues. 1st Edition.

  4. Tribe, John. 1999. The Economics of Leisure and Tourism. 2nd Edition.

Lecture 1: An Introduction to Tourism Economics
Lecture 2: Review of Supply and Demand
Lecture 3: Elasticities
Examination I
Lecture 4: Welfare Measures
Lecture 5: Production Cost Functions and Competitive Markets
Lecture 6: Macroeconomics and Tourism
Lecture 7: Tourism and Economic Development
Lecture 8: Sustainable Tourism
SWOT: A SWOT Analysis for the Malaysia
Examination II