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Midterm Examination
Introduction to Information Technology

These short answer questions are from the exam bank. These questions reflect the style of the professor.


Topic 5 - File Organization


1. What is the purpose of having multiple folders on a hard drive, flash drive, or DVD-CD ROM drive?

2. When you delete a file or folder in Windows or Linux, what happens to it?

(i). Is it possible to recover deleted files from a hard drive? Please explain.

3. What does it mean if a hard drive is fragmented?

(i). How does a severely fragmented drive impact your computer system?
(ii). How do you fix this problem?

4. What is a Windows registry?

(i) What happens if the registry is corrupted or damaged?
(ii) Why should a person use a registry cleaner?

5. What are three symptoms that your computer may be infected with a virus?

6. What is Spyware? How do you protect your computer from it?

7. What is a rootkit? Are rootkits dangerous?

8.What is a computer virus or worm?

9. What is firewall?

10. Does an antivirus program give you complete protection from all threats out in the world? Please explain.


Topic 6 - Operating Systems


1. Which graphical user interface (GUI) operating system dominates the market for personal computers and laptops?

2. Which Windows operating system is currently the most popular among users?

3. Which Windows operating system made users angry? Why?

4. What is Windows Genuine Activation (WGA)? Why is Microsoft so strict about WGA?

5. Which operating system is popular with photographers, musicians, artists, graphic designers, and directors?

6. What are two benefits of the Apple operating system (OS X)?

7. Which operating system sets the standards that the others try to emulate and catch-up to?

8. What are two benefits of Linux?

9. What are two problems of Linux?

10. Which operating system is susceptible to viruses, worms, and other malicious attacks? Why?

11. What does Ubuntu mean?

12. How does the founder of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, earn his money?


Topic 7 - Biography of Bill Gates


1. What is Bill Gate's approximately worth in 2010?

2. How did Bill Gate's mother play a part in the success of the Microsoft Corporation?

3. Why did the U.S. federal government bring a law suit against Microsoft Corporation?

4. Which university did Bill Gates attend? Did he graduate?

5. How and why did Bill Gates come up with the Disk Operating System (DOS)?

6. What problem did Microsoft have with Mozilla Netscape?



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