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Examination 2
Introduction to Information Technology

These short answer questions are from the exam bank. These questions reflect the style of the professor.


Topic 8 - Microsoft Office 2007 - Word


Note - On the exam, you will have to change the file name that includes your first and last name.

Download the Word file, The Prince and Machiavelli's Picture here

1. All tags are normal. Find the first five chapters and change them to Heading 1 tag; then change the tag properties to make the Chapter headings look nicer. You may use lines, colors, etc.

2. Go the title and change this tag to Title; again, make the title look nice with colors, different font, etc.

3. This document really has a bad font; change the normal tag to a better font and indent the paragraph by 1.3 centimeters (or 0.5 inch).

4. Create a Table of Contents; put the Table of Contents on its own page between the translator and Chapter 1.

5. The document is missing page numbers. Please put page numbers in. You are free to experiment.

6. Insert Machiavelli's Picture after the translator's name and before the table of contents; make sure the picture is centered.

7. Find the Table which is on second page; use the command to convert the text into a table; make the table attractive with colors. The simple grid pattern will not do.

8.Turn on Track changes; make sure you are in print view and balloons are turned on.

9. Replace all words in the document from "principalities" to "dictatorships."

10. Make the name, Francesco Sforza, italics and a different color. It is on the first page.

11. Enter the following references into Word 2007 and create a Bibliography (or Works Cited). You may use any style, APA or MLA, depending on your English professor's preference. One reference is a journal article, one is a book, and the third is a web source.

1. Srivastava, Anjana and Ram Prasad. 2000. “Triglycerides-Based Diesel Fuels.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 4:111-33.

2. Leffler, William L. 1985. Petroleum Refining for the Non-Technical Person. Tulsa, OK: PennWell Publishing Company.

3. National Biodiesel Board. March 17, 2006. Estimated US Biodiesel Production by Fiscal Year. Available at www.biodiesel.org (access date: 10/21/08).


Topic 9 - Microsoft Office 2007 - Excel


1. Below you have the Sales information for your employees. Please enter this spreadsheet into a graph.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Employee 1 400 600 600 900 400 600
Employee 2 500 400 700 100 400 400
Employee 3 800 700 500 800 800 500
Employee 4 100 100 500 400 200 600
Employee 5 800 200 500 700 800 400

(i) Input the Sales totals for each employee and for each month, and then the grand total.

(ii) Please use the min and max functions to determine who and when has the lowest and highest sales in the table. Please put this off to the side.

(iii) Please create a column graph that contains all employees and months. Please add a title and you are free to adjust colors, shades, etc. Do not include the totals in the graph!

2. Please create a pie chart from the following data. Make sure you put a title on your chart, which is 2009 U.S. Government Revenue. How much revenue does the U.S. government collect? Make sure this is not included in the pie chart.

2009 Sources Amount in $ billions
Income taxes 1,054
Social Insurance 889
Ad-valorem taxes 126
Fees and Charges 0
Other 34

3. Please download the Economic Freedom Index by clicking this link. Create a Line Graph with the four countries. Make sure the Year is on the x-axis and the Chart has a title. The data ranks countries in terms of economic freedom. The country that has a one is the most economically free.

4. Input the Balance Sheet for Jerry Dow, Attorney.

Jerry Dow, Attorney
Balance Sheet
December 31, 2010

Assets: Liabilities
Cash $1,100 Accounts Payable $760
 Law library 2,880
Office equipment 6,880 Owner’s Equity: ???
Jerry Dow, capital
Total Assets ???  Total Liabilities and Owner’s Equity ???

(i) Please calculate the Total Assets by summing over all assets.

(ii) Please calculate the Total Liabilities and Owner's Equity by setting it equal to Total Assets.

(iii) Calculate Owner's Equity. Remember it equals Total Assets minus Total Liabilities.


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