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Microsoft Office 2007 - Word
Topic 8



  1. Layout options

    1. Print layout – how the document looks when printed

    2. Outline - displays document as headings and subheadings

    3. Draft - removes pages and had continuous text

      1. Important for changing document properties

      2. More details are in the advance user section

    4. Full screen reading - displays two pages and aids in reading document

  2. Commands

    1. Go to - allows users to jump to a particular page

    2. Find - allows users to find a specific text

    3. Replace - allows users to search for particular words and replace them with other words

    4. Undo - allows users to undo something

    5. Redo - allows users to redo something

  3. Cursor keys

    1. Up, down, left, or right - moves the cursor

    2. Page down, page up, or home

  4. Spell and grammar check

    1. Spelling errors are underlined in red

    2. Grammar errors are underlined in green

    3. Wrong words are underlined in blue

      • Example - their or there

      • Example - to, two, or too

    4. Note - you can change dictionaries or change how strong the grammar check


Proficient in Word


  1. Basic Editing

  2. Editing style is similar for writing code in HTML

    1. Bold, Italics, and Underline

    2. Spacing - single, 1.5, and double spacing

    3. Superscripts and subscripts

    4. Changing margins

    5. Changing font face, font color, and font size

    6. Functions - grow font or shrink font

  3. Increase or decrease indents

    1. Similar to a tab

    2. However it moves the whole block of text inward or outward

  4. Save documents in a variety of formats

    1. Save as Word 97 - 2003 format (or .doc)

    2. Export Word document as a HTML file

      1. Word creates overly complicated HTML code

      2. You would not do this for webpages

      3. OpenOffice writer exports to HTML better than Word; easier to simplify the code


Intermediate User in Word


  1. Creating tables

    1. Creating a table

      • Insert a table using the cells directly

      • Insert a table using a menu

    2. Altering looks of a table

      • Use Table Styles to choose a pleasant looking table

      • Manually change the lines, colors, and background color

      • Inserting fonts; alignment, color, face, size, etc.

      • Insert or delete cells, rows, or columns

  2. Bullets and lists

    1. Create a list with bullets

    2. Create a numbered list

    3. Create a multi-level list

      • You can change the numbering style, etc.

      • You can change the shape and size of the bullets

  3. Copy and Paste

    1. Microsoft has a severe deficiency when copying and pasting

      • It remembers and copies the original style, like font face, size, etc.

      • Then your document looks terrible, because the formatting does not match

    2. Paste text as text only, so it does not change the style of your document

  4. Insert pictures

    1. Alter size of picture

    2. Change alignment, like left, center, or right

  5. Headers and footers

    1. Insert or modify a header

    2. Insert or modify a footer

    3. Insert page numbers (header or footer)


Advanced User in Word


  1. Change Word Options

    1. Change settings for grammar

    2. Select a spelling language

    3. Create a one inch (2.57 cm) margin for the tags

    4. Show tabs, spaces, returns, etc.

  2. Create a Table of Contents

    1. Must know how to change tags for the text

    2. Refer to the tag bar

      • Document has a Title

      • Major headings like chapters are Headings 1

      • Subchapters are Heading 2, 3, etc.

    3. Insert a Table of Contents from a template

  3. Create a new tag or modify a style tag

    1. Important for creating professional looking books, manuals, documents, etc.

    2. Once you change a style tag, the whole document is updated

  4. Track changes

    1. Allows other people to change your document

    2. It keeps track which changes were made

    3. Turn on balloons - remembers things that were deleted or inserted


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