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Microsoft Office 2007 - Excel
Topic 9



  1. Sheet

    1. Worksheet or spreadsheet - allows a grid layout of numbers

    2. Workbook - an Excel file can have multiple sheets

    3. Cells can be linked between sheets or among files

      • A cell has a letter and number

      • Columns are letters and rows are numbers

    4. If an cell is changed, then Excel automatically updates the sheet

      • Sometimes, this gets turned off

  2. Commands

    1. Go to - allows users to jump to a particular page

      1. Create a name for a cell

      2. Then use "go to" to go directly to that cell

    2. Find - allows users to find a specific text in a cell

    3. Replace - allows users to search for particular text and replace them with other text

    4. Undo - allows users to undo something

    5. Redo - allows users to redo something

  3. Cursor keys - allows movement within spreadsheet

    1. Up, down, left, or right - moves the cursor

    2. Page down, page up, home, or end

      • Home is the first left cell on sheet

      • End is the last cell on sheet

      • For my computer, press CTRL for home or end

  4. Excel does have a spell check

    1. It is not turned on

    2. Go to Review


Proficient in Excel


  1. Basic Editing

    1. Style - Bold, Italics, and Underline

    2. Alignment - Left, Center, or Right

    3. Change font face, font color, and size

    4. Background color for cells

    5. Borders - can add lines, etc.

    6. Numbers - can specify currency, decimal points, commas, etc.

      • Accounting - negative numbers are red and in parenthesis

      • Includes are variety of number formats

    7. Functions - grow font or shrink font

  2. Formatting cells

    1. Automatically fill in cells - show method to automatically fill in months or days of the week

      • Can fill in Years

      • Can fill in labels, such as Label 1, Label 2, etc.

    2. Can restrict which values are put into a cell

      1. Data validation - under Data menu

      2. Restrict cells to dates, positive numbers, etc.

    3. Can delete cells, columns, or rows

    4. Can insert cells, columns, or rows

    5. Can adjust the size of columns and/or rows

    6. Can hide columns or rows

    7. Can name or re-name sheets

  3. Save documents in a variety of formats

    1. Save as Excel 97 - 2003 format (or .xls)

    2. Export Excel as a HTML file

      1. Microsoft creates overly complicated HTML code

      2. You would not do this for webpages

      3. Copy and past spreadsheet to an HTML




  1. Excel has a variety of functions

    1. Organized into several categories

      • Financial

      • Logical

      • Text

      • Date and time

      • Lookup and references

      • Math and trig

      • Statistics

    2. Altering looks of a table

      • Use Table Styles to choose a pleasant looking table

      • Manually change the lines, colors, and background color

      • Inserting fonts; alignment, color, face, size, etc.

      • Insert or delete cells, rows, or columns

  2. Sort function

    1. Can sort a list alphabetically or numerically

    2. A way to organize a list

  3. Copy and Paste

    1. Microsoft has a severe deficiency when copying and pasting

      • It remembers and copies the original style, like font face, size, etc.

      • Then your document looks terrible, because the formatting does not match

    2. Paste text as text only, so it does not change the style of your document

  4. Can create a simple database

    1. Excel has functions that can do simple database functions

    2. A record is a row of information


Charts and Graphs


  1. Excel 2007 - much improvement in graphs and charts

    1. Types of graphs

      • Column

      • Line

      • Pie

      • Bar

      • Area Scatter

    2. Title

    3. Legend

    4. Backgrounds for graph, legend can be changed to different colors; Excel allows complicated changes in color including gradients and translucence.

    5. Add series names

    6. Add x labels, such as years

    7. Note - graphs can be copy and paste to Word, PowerPoint


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