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Microsoft Office 2007 - PowerPoint
Topic 10



  1. Layout options

    1. Left bar

      • Slides - shows miniature version of slide

      • Outline - shows only text on a slide

    2. First slide

      • Contains title

      • Presenter's name, date, etc.

    3. Second slide - should contain outline of presentation (Table of Contents)

    4. Last slide - should have a conclusion

      • You may have references, footnotes, etc.

    5. Top of Slide is Title of a topic

      • Presentation should be organized in two to 10 topics

      • Topics are listed in Second slide

  2. Find - allows users to find a specific text within PowerPoint

    1. Replace - allows users to search for particular words and replace them with other words

    2. Undo - allows users to undo something

    3. Redo - allows users to redo something

  3. Review Menu

    1. Can protect PowerPoint

    2. Prevent other people from making changes to your PowerPoint

  4. Spell check

    1. Spelling errors are underlined in red

    2. Does not have grammar check; Usually use incomplete sentences


Proficient in PowerPoint


  1. Basic Editing

  2. Editing style is similar for Word

    1. Bold, Italics, and Underline

    2. Spacing - single, 1.5, and double spacing

    3. Superscripts and subscripts

    4. Changing margins

    5. Changing font face, font color, and font size

    6. Grow font or shrink font

  3. Use bullets to outline presentation

    1. Indent to change bullets

    2. However it moves the whole block of text inward or outward

  4. Design Menu

    1. Everything is changeable in PowerPoint

    2. Can change color scheme

      • Color scheme is title color, text color, background color, etc.

      • Can select defect color schemes

      • Manually change color scheme

    3. Background

      1. Can change the color

      2. Use gradient

      3. Use an image or picture

  5. Save PowerPoint in a variety of formats

    1. Office 2003 and earlier use .ppt extension

    2. Office 2007 and later use .pptx extension

      • Can export PowerPoint as HTML

      • Creates overly complicated HTML code

      • You would not do this for webpages

      • Copy and paste to an HTML editor


Media Content


  1. Images - can enhance a presentation

    1. Can use an image for a background; can have a unique background for each slider or the same one

    2. Can have a background for a textbox

    3. Can have images in their own field to display

    4. Insert clip art - Microsoft Office has a folder of cartoons called clip art

    5. Insert picture files of a variety of formats, Bitmaps, JPEGs, PNG, and GIF

      • Can also insert an animated GIF

      • Animation only occurs when Presentation is displayed

  2. Animation

    1. Two methods for animation

      • Use animation to transition from one slide to the next

      • Can use animation for text boxes

    2. Animation can be annoying and distracting

    3. Should avoid using animation

    4. Animation for slide transition

      • Go to animation menu; roll mouse over animation to see effect

      • Can adjust the speed of the animation

      • Can add sound effects to slide

      • Can have the same animation for all slides or mix and match animation

    5. Animation for text

      • Under the Design menu and select Effect

  3. Can insert music or sound files

    1. Common formats are Wave, MP3, CD, etc.

    2. Sound only plays when presentation is showed

      • A slide may have its only sound

      • Or one song plays throughout the whole presentation

    3. PowerPoint gives you two options

      • Sound automatically plays when that slide is displayed

      • Sound only plays when you click on Audio icon with mouse

    4. Note - sound may be annoying

  4. Can also insert a movie or video clip

    • Also have a choice for playback

      • Automatically plays when slide is showed

      • Have to click on icon to start movie


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