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Sloppy Joes


1-1/2 pound lean ground beef 

1 small onion, chopped fine 

1/2 green bell pepper, chopped fine 

Salt and pepper to taste 

4 tablespoons tomato paste, preferably no-salt 

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 

1 teaspoon prepared yellow mustard 

1 tablespoon cider vinegar 

1 tablespoon brown sugar 

1 cup water (more or less) 

6 hamburger buns 

Relish or mustard (optional garnishes) 

Sloppy Joes


1. Brown the beef in a large skillet over high heat. Drain off the excess fat.

2.Reduce heat to medium-high; add the onions, green peppers, salt and pepper. Sauté until the onions and peppers are softened, about 5 minutes.

3. Add the tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, vinegar and brown sugar. Stir to combine. Add water until the sauce is the desired thickness. Reduce heat to medium-low; cover and simmer about 10 minutes so the flavors combine. Taste and adjust as needed.

4. Serve on buns, garnished with relish and/or mustard if desired.

Tip: Toast the buns for extra crispiness.


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