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Vinagret - Russian Beet Salad


1 small, finely diced onion

1 large beet or two small beets

1 large pickle

Half can of sauerkraut, or about 7 ounces

2 small carrots

5 potatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

Vinagret - Russian beat salad


1. Finely dice and mix the onion, sauerkraut, and pickles together. You may add more sauerkraut to suit your tastes.

2. I peel the skin off the beet or beets and boil in water for an hour, or until soft. The beets are boiled separately from the potatoes and carrots, otherwise, you will stain them purple.

3. I peel off the potato and carrot skins before adding to water. Boil potatoes and carrots until soft. If you can easily pierce the potato with a fork, then the potatoes are ready. The rule of thumb is the salad should be half potatoes and the other half the other ingredients. 

4. After the potatoes, carrots, and beets have cooled, mix them with the other ingredients. Then drizzle a little olive oil and blend carefully. I add enough olive oil to obtain an even coating on everything.

5. The salad tastes best if it sits in a refrigerator over night. The potatoes will absorb the flavors of the other ingredients.

Tip: This salad is unusual because the pickles, beets, and sauerkraut add the right balance of sour and sweetness to the salad. Salt and pepper is not necessary.

Tip: You can use fast pickles for pickles with a more crunch. I include the recipe's link for fast pickles.


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